Homeschooling in China


China is witnessing a growing homeschooling scene in recent years. As the first education think tank to study homeschooling in mainland China, 21st Century Education Research Institute has released two research reports and organised multiple seminars to promote better understanding and more open discussion of the topic.

To share our knowledge more widely and have further discussions with those interested in homeschooling in China, we are glad to announce an event in English.

In this talk, you will hear Min Zha share the latest research findings from 21st Century Education Research Institute on China’s homeschooling community. You’ll be able to see a general portrait of homeschooling families across the country, including their motivations, approaches, and perceptions of homeschooling. You’ll also hear real stories of Chinese homeschoolers from different age groups and family backgrounds.

Homeschoolers from other countries such as the Czech Republic will also join us as guest speakers. They will share their homeschooling experiences to help you better understand homeschooling as a global phenomenon. 


Homeschooling in China: A Portrait

Time: May 11, 2018, 19:00-20:30

Location: @3ESPACE

Fifth Floor, Xinhua Wenhua Dasha, No. 15, Jiaodaokou South Street,

Dongcheng, Beijing





Min Zha is an associate researcher from 21st Century Education Research Institute, one of the leading education NGOs in China. She has an MSc in Education from the University of Oxford. Currently, her main research interests include homeschooling and school innovation outside of the state school system.




Presentation on Homeschooling in China


Q & A


Discussion with guest speakers 


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