Philanthropy in China:New Era, New Challenges, New Strategies


Philanthropy in China:New Era, New Challenges, New Strategies


The evolution of China’s philanthropy and non-profit space has seen a significant acceleration in recent years. The new legal blueprint, put in place with the 2016 Charity Law, is seen as an opportunity that could provide regulatory clarity, increase public trust, and move the sector forward.

Today, the proactive role of philanthropists and foundations is growing in both weight and sophistication. New technologies and the role of social media may help charitable activities in raising funds, expanding their outreach, as well as enhancing effectivity in promoting shared social goals.

At the same time, improving living standards, and the growing affluence in urban areas, are boosting awareness towards issues like poverty alleviation, healthcare, environment, and education in rural areas.

Amid these evolving trends, it is important to make sense together, by asking the experts, of the milestones that shaped the sector, the current trends and, in particular, what does the future of China’s charitable sector looks like.




HUANG Haoming 黄浩明, Vice-Chairman and Executive Director, China Association for NGO Cooperation

ZHAO Chen 赵晨, Deputy Director, Child Development Center, China Development Research Center

ZHANG Shantong 章善桐, Project Officer, Sany Foundation


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