The Global Challenges Prize 2017


The Global Challenges Prize 2017

Calling big thinkers, from all disciplines, everywhere. The world needs your brain power and your best ideas as never before. Compete for US$5 million in prize money. Help to reshape our world.

Catastrophic climate change, weapons of mass destruction, extreme poverty: the threats we face as a global community threaten our very survival. They demand new forms of global cooperation. Twentieth century ‘business as usual’ is no longer good enough when it comes to global governance. We need to re-model the way we collaborate, the way we take decisions about challenges that affect everyone, everywhere, and the way we shape our responses to risks that threaten our world.

In November 2016, the Global Challenges Foundation launches its ‘New Shape’ competition aimed at sparking fresh thinking for how to handle global risks. It will award US$5 million in prizes for the best ideas that re-envision global governance for the 21st century.

Ideas should be capable of tackling the interlinked threats of climate change, large scale environmental damage, violent conflict (including nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction) and extreme poverty. They should take into account the implications of a global population forecast to grow to 11 billion by 2100. We are not looking for blueprints for solving individual issues, or to avert specific risks. Entrants should focus on designing a model or framework for cooperation capable of galvanizing effective the decisive international action needed to tackle these risks. The proposed model may encompass an entire global framework or organization, or it may focus on partial solutions, such as the composition of a specific decisionmaking body. More details on the criteria for entries can be found at

The New Shape prize competition is open to everyone – individuals, groups of individuals, companies or associations – anywhere in the world, from November 2016 – September 2017. The best entries will be chosen by an expert academic panel and then evaluated by an international jury comprised of respected figures of global stature. Final awards will be made in April 2018 and the Global Challenges Foundation is committed to promoting discussion of the winning ideas at the highest level.

The shape of the world has changed; the shape of global collaboration needs to change quickly to keep pace. We believe that human ingenuity can help to forge a new kind of global collaboration. We are actively seeking out ideas from multiple continents. We don’t know where the answers will come from or what they will look like but we are committed to discovering them.

Be part of the effort to safeguard our world for future generations. Be part of the global conversation. Help to change the shape of things to come.

For more information about the Global Challenges Foundation’s ‘New Shape’ award and how to enter, please visit: