UN China Gender Fund For Search and Advocacy Call for Proposals


UN China Gender Fund For Search and Advocacy Call for Proposals

The United Nations China Gender Fundfor Research and Advocacy(CGF) announces its 8th Call for Proposals, seeking proposals nationwide. The 8th Call for Proposals focuson the following three themes:

Gender Equality and Philanthropy/CSR

This theme encompasses gender equality in philanthropic endeavors/charitable giving, as well as gender equality in companies’ internal and external CSR initiatives, such as workplace issues, supply chains, etc.

Gender Equality and Education

This theme encompasses the inclusion of gender into any education initiative, including formal school education or informal education provided by NGOs, etc.

Gender and China’s Two-Child Policy  

This theme can touch on any gender issue affected by China’s new “two-child policy”, including women’s employment and reproductive rights, men’s role in the family, support for child care, etc.

In addition, gender-based violence and marginalized groups rights (e.g. ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, migrants, LGBTI, HIV positive people, etc.) will be treated as cross cutting issuesin the selection criteria. Organizations led by marginalized groups are encouraged to apply.


Excellent proposals that do not address one of the above themes are also eligible for funding.


Size of the fund

The recommended grant size for proposals is up to US$50,000. The exact size of the grant awarded for each project will be assessed and decided based on the capacity of the grantee and exact activities planned under each project. Granteesare encouraged to use matching funds or funding from other sources, as long as this extra funding is specifically used for the CGF project.The UN official exchange rate between US dollar and Chinese RMB on the day the contract is awarded will be applied in the calculation of actual amount of the grant.

Who can apply?

Chinese government agencies, research institutions, and other civil society organizations are all welcomed to submit applications for CGF funds. Only Chinese organizations registered in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau are eligible to apply and all activities planned must take place in the People’s Republic of China.Proposals submitted by individuals or by organizations without legal status will not be accepted.

Applicants are encouraged to partner with other national institutions and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). Proposals that demonstrate clear and strong partnerships, especially with CSOs, will receive preferential treatment in the selection process. Involvement of both men and women in the project team is encouraged.

NGO-like commercial organizations registered under the Bureau of Industry and Commerce are eligible to apply to the CGF, subject to approval by the selection committee on a case-by-case basis.

How to submit proposals?

All applicants are requested to fill in the application form (Annex 1) and budget and workplan (Annex 2). The proposals can be submitted in Chinese, but proposals with English translation are preferred. Applicants are expected to submit their proposals to the following address: unwomen.china@unwomen.orgno later than 11:59pm, 2 April 2017. Upon receipt of the proposals, UN Women will send an email acknowledging receipt toevery applicant.


If you have any further questions, please contact UN Women China Office at 010-8532 5538.



Annex 1: Application Form

Annex 2: Proposal Budget

Annex 3: Annex 3- Selection Criteria 8th Call bilingual