CDB Workshop – “Overseas NGOs: what is the next step?”


Many Overseas NGOs in China have now conducted their registrations successfully; however, registration is clearly not the ultimate goal, but only a first step. The primary concern has now become how to better conduct activities in China under the new legal framework.


  • What strategies are most suitable for Overseas NGOs in China?
  • How can Overseas NGOs operate in compliance with the regulations?
  • What if Overseas NGOs lack experience in practical operations?
  • What changes should Overseas NGOs make after the implementation of the Overseas NGO Management Law?


Detailed information


Theme:Workshop on the operations of overseas NGOs in China

Expected number of participants:30-50

Time:09:00-16:30, December 1st, 2017

Location:Dongcheng District, Beijing (you will be informed of the exact location via email after successfully signing up. As this is an internal meeting, attendance without signing up is not allowed)

Fee:300 RMB (used to cover the site costs, lunch and afternoon tea)

Meeting language: Chinese

联络人中文:任广阔 13681547226;

For English: Ms. Zhu Yujing 13304603965


In order to register and see more detailed information on the program, please click on this link.