Workshop on the Registration of Overseas NGOs in China


Workshop on the Registration of Overseas NGOs in China

The Overseas NGO Management Law, which came into effect last January, has been very much in the spotlight recently. Over the last six months, the number of registered overseas NGO has grown steadily. By mid-June, the number of successfully registered overseas NGOs in Mainland China reached over 110. What has given the most hope to many in the development and philanthropy sector has been the registration of a number of well-known organizations, including WWF, TNC, Oxfam, Save the Children and Word Vision. These successful cases have acted as icebreakers for the registration of overseas NGOs, encouraging other organizations that are preparing to register or in the middle of the process, and acting as useful guidance for subsequent registrations.

At this crucial time, China Development Brief is organizing a workshop on the registration of Overseas NGOs in China. During the workshop, which will take place on the 28th of July, we will invite representatives of overseas NGOs and academics to share experiences of successful registrations, and discuss the challenges faced during the registration and filing process and the according solutions. Speakers invited include Mrs. Katherine Wilhelm (魏梦欣) (Representative of the Ford Foundation’s Beijing office), Dr. Jia Xijin (贾西津, Tsinghua University), Ms. Lu Lunyan (卢伦燕女士, COO of the WWF in China), Dr. Wang Chao (王超, Chief Representative of SCF), Dr. Liao Hongtao (廖洪涛, Director of the China program in Oxfam Hong Kong), Mr. Albert Yu (余文伟, Operations Director of World Vision China), Ms. Hu Wenxin (胡文新, Representative of TNC), Ms. Zhang Hongman (张红嫚, program manager in Plan International), Smiley Wang (汪庭馀, the Fred Hollows Foundation) and Dr. Zhang Lingxiao (张凌霄, Director of the Jingshi Law Firm).


Time: 28th of July, 9:00-16:00

Participants limit: 100 people

Registration fee: RMB 150 (includes a free copy of CDB’s newly released Bilingual Dictionary of Development and Philanthropy, and lunch)

Contact: Wang Mengdi

Contact info: (TEL) 64071400 (EMAIL)

The location and agenda will be announced after the applications are received


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