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China Development Brief posts job announcements for organizations that are active in the NGO community in China. This includes jobs with Chinese NGOs, International NGOs and embassies, as well as jobs involving corporate social responsibility and more...

If you want to post a job announcement on our website, please fill out and submit this form in its entirety. You will upload a job description (in PDF format) as part of the submission.

Posting jobs on CDB’s website is a fee-based service. Upon successful submission of this form, we will contact you with instructions regarding payment. Current fees are:

Standard packages:
1 posting for set duration 2-week 4-week
500RMB 730RMB
Special packages: untimed posts
Posts remain active through application deadline 5 posts 9 posts
1900RMB 3460RMB
Special packages: unlimited use
Unlimited untimed postings 1 year


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