China Development Brief is seeking an auditing firm to perform project auditing

CDB is looking for an authorized auditing firm to conduct project financial auditing in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA). The selected firm is to produce an auditing report on the project’s adherence to the Agreement of Cooperation (AOC), the veracity of the project financial statement and other items stipulated by CDB.

The Major Responsibilities are listed below:

  • Examine the project’s financial statements and put forward an opinion thereon;
  • Examine the internal control systems;
  • Verify the conformity of the various financial requirements set out in the AOC;
  • Examine the accuracy and completeness of the financial statements and payment records
  • Qualifications and Requirements:
  1. PRC officially registered auditing firm
  2. Familiar with International Standards on Auditing (ISA)
  3. Be able to produce an auditing report in English

Experience working on auditing reports involving international donors preferred

Contact info and deadline to apply:

Letter of interest should be sent to: by July 1, 2017

Please provide proof of credentials, past project auditing experience and a quote to perform the assignment.