Communication and Public Information Assistant

Job Title: Position: Communication and Public Information Assistant
Source of Funds: Regular Budget (RB Core)
Position: Fixed-term (renewable subject to performance) 
Duty Station: Beijing, China
Grade: GS5


The ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia develops and implements the Decent Work Country Programmes with its constituents in China and Mongolia, within the framework of national priorities, the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks and the ILO’s policy objectives.  The ILO efforts in these countries are aimed at enhancing the visibility of ILO work and its mandate in the UN Country Teams, development partner communities, relevant professional networks, and the public at large.

The ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia is continuing its efforts to communicate for results by ensuring regularity, accessibility and relevance of its communication messages through a range of communications channels at its disposal.  In partnership with the United Nations Communication Groups, its national and international development partners and media professionals, the office regularly develops communication products in English and local languages, disseminates them widely, and regularly launches advocacy campaigns on issues related to human rights and decent work.

The incumbent reports to the Director of the ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia and will coordinate the work with the ILO Regional Communication Unit in Bangkok..

Generic Duties

1.    Collect and obtain information for inclusion in information kits, newsletters and the website of the office.
2.    Search and select relevant information and records for officials upon request. 
3.    Update information on web-sites and draft newsletters. 
4.    Reply to requests received from the public, special interest groups, officials and press for information materials.
5.    Assist in the layout and design of information material.
6.    Draft routine correspondence on public information and related administrative matters from oral instructions, previous correspondence or other available information sources in accordance with standard office procedures.
7.    Classify and code information material relating to a number of subject-matter areas.
8.    Assist in the organization of promotional activities, book fairs, press conferences and exhibits.
Specific Duties

1.    Act as the communication and public information focal point of ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia and actively participate in activities of  UN Communication Group in China
2.    Provide general support to creation of media messages and communication products on ILO activities in China and Mongolia for timely public dissemination via various channels including social media
3.    Create and maintain media contact databases
4.    Draft communication messages in Chinese and English for review and clearance by the supervisor and disseminate the messages through various communication platforms, including social media, websites, and/or other traditional communication channels.
5.    Translate ILO’s communication products such as official statements, press releases and news from English to Chinese and read proofs to ensure conformity with ILO house style manual and manuscripts
6.    Act as the main focal point of CO-Beijing WCMS, provide support to the WCMS uploader team in Beijing and ensure dynamic web contents and relevant social media account.Assist in the production of communication products, including desk-top publishing.
7.    Respond to requests received from the public, special interest groups, officials and press for information materials. 
8.    Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor or the office-in-charge.

Education – Completion of secondary school education.
•    Five years of experience in a variety of public information activities such as drafting, reporting and disseminating information to the public via press or other means of media.
Languages – Excellent knowledge of English and Chinese.  
•    Proven ability to use word processing software and other software packages required for producing information materials and updating the website. 
•    Knowledge of the general methods, principles and practices of public information and related office administrative procedures and policies. 
•    Knowledge of in-house style and procedures for the preparation of information materials. 
•    Good communication skills both orally and in writing. 
•    Ability to reply in an appropriate manner to work related inquiries. 
•    Ability to work well with colleagues. 
•    Ability to organize own work. 
•    Ability to evaluate and reply to requests for information. 
•    Ability to evaluate and reply to request5s for information. 
•    Ability to obtain services form other work units inside or outside the office for completion of tasks.

Salary and benefits:

•    1). Net salary (minimal: RMB 12,000 per month)
•    2). Pension: UN Joint Staff Pension Fund
•    3). Medical insurance: ILO Staff Health Insurance Fund
•    4). Leave: annual leave, sick leave, parental leave 
•    5). Child allowance

Please send your application to email by 20 July 2018