Internship with International Rivers’China Program

Linkinglands,lakesandtheseas,riversarethearteriesofourplanet.Theysupporttheglobalcirculationofwater,carbon,nutrients,sediments,andmigratoryspecies,andsustainrichecosystems.Riversandlakes are home to more fish species than the seas even though they contain 600 times less water.Throughfisheriesandagriculture,theysustainthelivelihoodsofhundredsofmillionsofpeople.


International Rivers, founded in 1985, is the world’s only organization dedicated to the protection ofrivers.OneofoursevenglobalofficesisinChina.

Since 2006, International Rivers’ China Program has protected China’s domestic rivers and increasedawareness about the role and impacts of Chinese dam builders and financiers in China andinternationally.


Have or bepursuing a Master Degreein environmental or socialscience


-Possess creativity, flexibility and growth potential


-Possess excellent communication and interpersonalskills


-Fluentin written and spoken Mandarin


-Possess excellent English speaking and reading skills


-International work or research experiences desirable


-Possess superi or computer and web skills


The internship is paidand based in Beijing. Application will remain open until asuitable candidate isselected.


The internship is expected to begin before February 2018, but adjustments canbemade.

To apply, please submit the following in Word or pdf format to Stephanie Cormier atsjcormier@internationalrivers.orgwith“ChinaIntern-YOURNAME”inthesubjectline:

1 A letter of interest explaining why you would like to join International Rivers and how your skills are appropriate for this position. Also include when you would beavailable to start.

2)A brief relevant writing sample in English

3)A resume or CV