Internships -before Feb 15 (Round 1)

Who We Are

Philanthropy in Motion (PIM) is a social enterprise with a mission to empower young people with the education, resources, and networks to become mission-driven leaders and effective changemakers. We’re driven by a vision is to change society’s traditional definition of success from financially-driven to impact-driven. Since our inception, we have empowered hundreds of young people to fund and support innovative social ventures across Greater China. Our clients and partners range from the likes of World Bank to Peking University, and we have been recognized by Forbes, the Economist, and other news media for our work in the social impact space.

Our team is diverse in our backgrounds and experiences, but we share a common commitment to social impact. Today, our community of current and former team members are leading social impact initiatives and pursuing diverse paths to make a difference in communities around the world.


What We Do

PIM designs education and leadership programs founded on a “learning by doing” model for investigating and solving social problems, partnering closely with universities, community organizations, social enterprises, and practitioners to create projects that have sustainable real world impact.

Here are a few examples of what you might be a part of in 2019:

Organizing 益创未来 – Innovation for Impact, our annual conference on social innovation featuring high-level leaders from tech, philanthropy, business, and more with the goal of re-imagining philanthropy;
Leading Global Social Innovation Accelerator programs to Rwanda (Kigali), San Francisco and Delhi for emerging entrepreneurs;
Guiding young people through experiential curricula on social entrepreneurship, impact investing and more from Ashoka, Acumen, Stanford, and Wharton;
Driving partnerships with grassroots social enterprises focused on sustainability, gender, education and more;
A global team of alumni from Yale, Harvard, and Columbia with a diverse range of expertise in management consulting, international development, law, non-profit evaluation, and internet technology.

What We Believe

Diverse, purpose-driven community: We believe in linking networks of students and changemakers with mentors from social impact organizations, corporate, and government. Our community is unique in its breadth and diversity in careers, backgrounds, and nationalities, but united by their common Interest in social innovation and impact.

World-class curricula and teaching of social innovation and impact: We believe that social impact is an art and science that deserves the best curriculum and pedagogy.

Resources for real world impact: We believe that our education should not just benefit students’ own personal growth but also generate real world impact in solving social problems.

Linking China and the world: We believe in acting as a bridge to foster a productive exchange and engagement between China and the world that is centered around social responsibility.

How to Apply

For Fellowships and internships, please send your resume and Cover Letter to before Feb 15 (Round 1) .



Program Assistant

The Program Assistant assists in organizing, developing, and scaling our social innovation education programs in partnership with universities and organizations across Mainland China, Hong Kong, India and more.
What You Will Do:
Organizing and managing workshops/projectson social innovation using a “learning by doing” curriculum
Coordinating and communicating professionally with local non-profits, social enterprises, universities and foundation partners as we scale
Establishing sponsorships and funding sources
Material creation and design for experiential workshops and long-term projects
Managing updates and technical maintenance of online course content
Tracking student data; undertaking evaluations of our community impact on social issues and organizations
Administrative and logistic tasks related to program management (translation, budget management, scheduling meetings, and other miscellaneous tasks)
Who You Are:
Experience leading or working on social impactinitiatives and/or innovative approaches to philanthropy
Prior experience with innovative education models (e.g. flipped classroom, project-based learning, gamification, etc.)
Excellent time management skills, with strong ability to multitask and meet deadlines
A track record for getting things done
Ability to work independently and also to organize a team
Strong writing skills, including expediency and eloquence in correspondence and public relations tasks
Proficiency in English and Mandarin Chinese


Expected Commitment:
Feb – June: 10 hours per week, minimum commitment of 15 weeks
May-August: 35-40 hours per week, minimum commitment of 2 months (3 months preferred)



Outreach Assistant
The Outreach & Communications Assistant will help develop PIM’s brand as an innovative, global and impact-focused venture through online and offline communications.
What You’ll Do:
Manage online platforms and offline events focused on building and maintaining our strong community of young changemakers
Organizing and outreach for PIM’s annual international conference on social innovation featuring high-level speakers such as Jet Li, China UN Country Head, Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs, etc.
Designing and editing branding and program materials such as flyers, videos, WeChat posts etc. to engage a wider audience
Manage design and/or community building projects from initiation through delivery, incorporating input from multiple stakeholders
Develop and maintain guidelines to support brand and graphic standards as we scale


Who You Are:
Excellent time management skills, with strong abilities to multitask and meet deadlines
A track record for getting things done
Ability to work independently and also to organize a team
Creativity and design experience (e.g., familiarity with Adobe Suite, Photoshop, Xiumi, or other design tools)
Familiarity with current trends in social innovation and education in China, India, Singapore or other Asia markets
Bilingual proficiency (in English and Mandarin Chinese) preferred
Social media savvy (both Chinese and non-Chinese platforms)


Expected Commitment:
Feb – June: 10 hours per week, minimum commitment of 15 weeks
May-August: 35-40 hours per week, minimum commitment of 2 months (3 months preferred)


Please apply by submitting your CV and Cover Letter to before Feb 15 (Round 1) .


Contact Us

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