Part-time Translator / Post-Editing: Improve machine translation results (EN-CH)

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Job Description
Part-time Translator / Post-Editing: Improve machine translation results (EN-CH)
That Spark is a new social enterprise. We joyfully create and share content and learning experiences to inspire, connect, and engage professionals in China’s philanthropy and social sector. One of our core offerings is a database of well-translated content focusing on social innovation, social development, leadership development, etc., to bring global
research, toolkits, and other resources to changemakers in China. Our promise to our users is that we will deliver easy access to highly useful, well-translated content.
We are now looking for post-editors, who will work with our team on a contract basis to produce high-quality, translated content, based on machine-translation outputs.
Successful candidates are expected to have:
− Passion to bridge global knowledge into China with language and translation skills
− Enthusiasm and passion to support China’s changemakers on their journeys to impact
− Excellent written and verbal communication skills, in both Chinese and English
− Superb problem-solving skills and mindset
− Keen interest in machine translation and post editing
What you will do and be responsible for:
− Post-edit the assigned translation projects within our online working platform
− Collaborate with project manager and other post-editors to collectively build and use the language database and terminology database
− Produce high quality post-edited translation outputs in terms of accuracy and fluency
− Complete the translation projects you accept on time
You will enjoy working with us more if you are looking for:
− An opportunity to create something that matters and make your meaningful contribution
− A job to practice, learn, and grow your knowledge of machine translation and post-editing
− A mission-driven and goal-oriented team, who will appreciate and support each other
− An authentic English communication workplace with native speakers
Contractors can work according to their own schedules. Once a job is accepted by the contractor, adherence to the agreed production schedule is critical.
To apply and find out more details, please follow this link: