Policy and Public Affairs Officer

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POSITION TITLE (ENGLISH):  Policy and Public Affairs Officer
DEPARTMENT: Program /Executive Director
REPORTS TO: Policy & Public Affairs Senior Officer
LOCATION:  Beijing


The Policy and Public Affairs Officer is responsible for developing effective relationship with key actors in governmental and non-governmental organizations in mainland China to promote Greenpeace campaign and organizational goals. Working closely with the campaign teams, the Policy and Public Affairs Officer will ensure the effective integration of political advice into campaigns and organizational development.

1.Work with teammates and campaign teams in mainland China to develop and implement government-related strategies and projects.
2.Actively engage in building effective relationship with players in governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to promote campaign and organizational interests. Oversee development and maintenance of extensive contacts.
3.Provide expertise with respect to political issues and civil society groups. Keep abreast of existing and emerging issues in the political and public domains which are related to the environment and Greenpeace. Conduct research. Analyze new development in support of campaign goals. Research and analyze a wide range of specialized material on campaign issues and strategies.
4.Organize activities and other public events. Make presentations and respond to public speaking requests. Attend and/or organize conferences. Respond to public inquiries about own area of work. Prepare materials and publications.
5.Be able to operate in fast changing circumstances with ability to quickly and effectively adjust plans to best deliver objectives.
6.Other duties as assigned by the Policy & Public Affairs Senior Officer.


At least 2 years of working experience in related fields;
Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills;
Fluency in written and spoken Chinese and English;
Strong strategic, research and analytical abilities;
Demonstrated ability to deliver projects on time and within budget;
Interested in environment issues and government policies;
Commitment to, and demonstrated ability to work well as part of a team;
Ability to work unsupervised, in a rapidly changing environment;
Ability to operate and lead under pressure and in physically or mentally challenging situations;
Commitment to the mission, principles and values of Greenpeace;
Bachelor’s Degree or above;
Computer literacy.

1.Knowledge of the overall goals and intent of Greenpeace activities to support environmental protection principles.
2.Understanding of politics in China and East Asia, especially in relation to environmental policy making.
3.Knowledge of environmental and ecology issues in general and expertise in issues related to one’s area of responsibility. Solid understanding and analysis of political, economic and social processes and trends. Understanding of how to influence public and private institutions on the local, national and international stage, including how they interact and influence each other.
4.Knowledge of the media to increase awareness and gain public support to further campaign objectives. Use of the media to maximize campaign exposure but also be able to anticipate and counteract negative backlash campaigns.
5.Knowledge of campaign techniques, strategies and practices. Specialist campaign knowledge to help place the campaign on the local, national and international stage. Understanding of the tactics and counter campaigns used by various groups to undermine the credibility of Greenpeace, and ability to develop strategies in response.
6.Public relations: to function effectively within a highly charged atmosphere, under public scrutiny; and to represent Greenpeace in a professional manner among different audiences.

The position works in a standard office environment, and is required to travel to other Greenpeace offices, campaign locations or locations where environmental problems require the presence of Greenpeace representatives.

The position may be required to work under pressure and in physically or mentally challenging situations.

This position’s salary range is from RMB 9000-11000/month.
The salary is evaluated based on relevant working experience.

As we receive a large number of applications for our advertised positions, we are unable to respond to applicants who are not invited for interview. We apologize for this in advance.Interested parties, please visit http://www.greenpeace.org.cn/about/jobs/ and submit your cover letter to explain your motivation and resume to apply the position.  Please note if you fail to submit motivation letter your application will be deprioritized. All information collected for recruitment purpose only. Only short-listed candidates will be notified and we do not accept any calls or visits in the first instance.