Programme Assistant

The ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia develops and implements the Decent Work Country Programmes (DWCP) with its constituents in China and Mongolia. The DWCP is aligned with national priorities, the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks and the ILO’s policy objectives.  The ILO efforts in these countries are aimed at enhancing the visibility of ILO work and ensure its relevance to national priorities and circumstances, as well as those of the wider development partner community.  Cooperation activities in the countries are mobilized from multiple sources of funding. Therefore, programme management in the tradition of results-based management is fundamental to the ILO’s day-to-day operations.

The incumbent will provide administrative, secretarial and programming service to the Deputy Director and the Programme Analyst of CO-Beijing.  S/he will work under the general supervision of the Director andreport to the Programme Analyst.

Duties and responsibilities:

1.    Collect data and other information on development and/or subject matter activities of the area or region, maintain relevant programme and technical cooperation information systems and databases, and prepare background information.

2.    Maintain and update databases and records on programming activities for programme monitoring and evaluation purposes.

3.    Develop and maintain databases for fellowship programmes.

4.    Process and examine project budget information and data in accordance with instructions, and make necessary abstracts and computations.

5.    Summarize information reflecting current obligations and future programme and budgetary implications.

6.    Maintain and keep registers and control plans on the status of programmes and projects at formulation, implementation and operational stages.

7.    Verify the conformance of project terms of reference with workplans and set objectives.

8.    Prepare background material, working papers and tables for briefing and review sessions.

9.    Draft non-substantive correspondence on projects and programme activities.

10.    May be required to carry out specific operational and/or control tasks for programme and project implementation.

Specific Duties

1.    Clear outgoing correspondence for conformity with established procedures and accuracy of statements before being signed by the supervisor.

2.    Prepare administrative requests and forms for the supervisor and visiting officials and follow-up with therelevant administrative services on their processing.

3.    Maintain up-to-date directories of constituents, ministers, government and other highlevel officials and perform liaison duties with concerned ministries for required clearances and assist in arranging programmes for in-coming official missions, make appointments with ILO’s tripartite constituents, including logistical arrangements and secretarial assistance

4.    Provide secretarial and/or administrative support for meetings, seminars and/or workshops and provide translation support in informal meetings and translation of some written texts as requested by the supervisor

5.    Support resource mobilization activities, specifically in the compilation of documents for submission to Chinese funding authorities under the South-South CooperationAssistance Fund

6.    Summarize information reflecting current obligations and future programme and budgetary implications and maintain and keep registers and control plans on the status of programmes and projects at formulation, implementation and operational stages.

7. Make travel arrangements, hotel reservations and prepare travel authorization forms.

8.Carry out specific administrative operational/control tasks for project and programme activities in Mongolia

9.Perform the tasks of “Preparer” in the ILO’s Integrated Resources Information System (IRIS)

10.Perform other related duties as required.

Education – Completion of secondary school education.

Experience – Five years of related clerical and/or office experience, including recordkeeping and processing of information.

Languages – Excellent knowledge of English and Chinese


•    Knowledge of rules and procedures related to the various components of theproject and programme area. 
•    Knowledge of the office’s operations. 
•    Ability to work withword processing and spreadsheet software, as well as computer software packages requiredfor work. 
•    Ability to work well with colleagues. 
•    Ability to organize own work. 
•    Ability tomaintain records and prepare clerical reports and statements. 
•    Ability to work in a team and towork under pressure. 
•    Must demonstrate responsible behaviour and attention to detail.

Salary and other benefits

1). Net salary (minimal: RMB 12,000 per month)
2). Pension: UN Joint Staff Pension Fund
3). Medical insurance: ILO Staff Health Insurance Fund
4). Leave: annual leave, sick leave, parental leave
5). Child allowance

Please send your application to email by 06 July 2018