1.     Background/Justification


In China, corporate giving is well established and represents more than 50% of total philanthropy giving in the country. China Country Office has established a good track record of acquiring and growing corporate partners that are committed to support UNICEF programmes for multiple years.


Against this background, Private Sector Fund Raising has proposed that more efforts should be focused on the corporate sector. In order to accelerate the acquisition of corporate partners for the China country office, 2 interns are required to support the researching of potential partners.


The interns will update the mapping database, conduct mapping, corporate preliminary research and briefing book to identify the companies that would be suitable for Corporate Partnerships team to pitch. The interns will also support the development of the company database with contact information for emergency donation and Inspired Gifts purchasing.


2. Purpose of this project:  To conduct corporate related preliminary research and prepare briefing book for China Country Office.
3. Duty station:   Beijing, China
4. Duration: about 10 weeks between 26 November, 2018 and 1 February, 2019
5. Supervisor:  Partnership Associate
6. Type of Supervision required:
7. Travel required: N/A
8. Support provided by UNICEF: logistics/admin support; work station and other work related items, in Private Sector Partnerships office
9. Description/ Scope of assignment: (provide detail and in quantitative terms)
Tasks Expected deliverables Time frame
1. Mapping



2. Prepare preliminary research and briefing book for team discussion.


3. Update database





4. Emergency and Inspired Gifts purchasing corporate database


5. Other research as per supervisor’s request


1. Conduct mapping to identify potential corporate partners based on UNICEF corporate partnership criteria.


2. On average, finish 6-8 preliminary company researches and 1 briefing book per week.  Join team discussion.



3. Update the master company database based on the last major update in 2018, with information such as basic company information, CSR status etc. On average update 5-10 companies per day. Extra information, if available, will be provided for input into database.


4. Update the corporate list for emergency and Inspired Gifts.



5. Quality and on-time deliverables as agreed.




Outputs within the working period.

10.  Qualification

Interns are selected on a competitive basis. The following minimum qualifications are required:

1.     Education: enrolment in the university programmes in business, marketing, market research, or development studies with familiarity of research.

2.     Language: fluency in oral and written Chinese and English.

3.     Skills:

a. Good reading skills: Ability to read and understand Chinese and English articles.

b. Good writing skills: Ability to write up research report or briefing with UNICEF provided template.

c. Good technical skills: Familiarity with MS Office, ability to conduct comprehensive research via internet research.

d. Good communication skills: Ability to work independently and also as a team member both within and outside the office.

11.  Conditions:

a) Work in UNICEF’s office in Beijing on work days

b) 0830 to 1730 with one hour break for lunch

c) This is not a UNICEF staff position therefore interns are not qualified for any benefits

d) There will be no annual leave entitlement. Standard UN public holidays can be taken

e) UNICEF China does not pay for the internship or support the living expenses in Beijing

f) UNICEF China will be pleased to issue a notification letter to selected interns in case they will apply for financial assistance in related institutes.

g) Interns are required to bring their laptops and provide valid medical insurance.