200,000 youth volunteers providing service during the Chunyun period

As the 2019 Spring Festival is just around the corner, it is estimated that there would be around 2.99 billion trips accomplished during the Spring Festival travel rush, known as the Chunyun. The Chunyun in 2019 starts from January 21 to March 1. Millions of city-dwellers get on trains, buses, planes to go home, and this mass migration can be an overwhelming scene. However, it brings challenges regarding transportation capacity and public security, and the heavy burden on the shoulders of those who work on the front lines.

On the first day of the Chunyun, an activity with the theme of volunteers for Chunyun was held in West Beijing Station. More than 140 volunteers from railway departments, governmental bureaus, and enterprises and etc. made vows and officially started their services. Over 200,000 youth volunteers in more than 6000 service units like railway stations, airports, and highway service areas in the country will engage in first aid, guidance, order maintenance and so on. Regulations have been made with respect to volunteer recruitment, volunteer training, and compensation and incentives for volunteers in order to smoothen the volunteer services for this year.

The volunteer service sector in China has been rapidly developing these years, according to data derived from the National Volunteer Service Information System, there were over 100 million registered volunteers and the recorded time of volunteer services exceeded 1.2 billion hours in 2018. During the recent visit to Tianjin, President Xi Jinping particularly praised the volunteers in Tianjin and spoke highly of their devotions and contributions to the society. He also requested more platforms to be built by the government to bolster the volunteer service.

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