99 social organizations de-registered in Guizhou for violating regulations

On the 13th of January the Civil Affairs Department in Guizhou Province released an announcement, declaring that 99 social organizations had been deregistered according to the law.


Organizations such as the Guizhou Coal Economic Research Association (贵州省煤炭经济研究会), the Guizhou Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in Ethnic Areas (贵州省民族地区扶贫基金会), the Guizhou Society for Economic Reform (贵州省经济体制改革研究会) and the Guizhou Institute of Foreign Languages (贵州外国语学院) were included. The full list is displayed on the official website of the Civil Affairs Department.

The 99 social organizations stand accused of not attending their annual inspections for a long period of time, violating the article 28 of the Regulations on the Registration and Administration of Social Organizations (《社会团体登记管理条例》), and article 23 of the Interim Regulations on the Registration and Administration of Private Non-enterprise Units (《民办非企业单位登记管理暂行条例》). As provided by the two regulations, the 99 social organizations were subject to administrative penalty.

As the Administration of Social Organizations in the Civil Affairs Department explained, the written decision on the administrative penalty was not sent to the organizations directly or by post. Rather, following the Civil Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China(《中华人民共和国民事诉讼法》), the decision was published on the department’s website.

The administrative penalty is supposed to be implemented 60 days after the day of its release. The party concerned may apply for administrative reconsideration to the people’s government or the Civil Affairs Department within sixty days, or institute proceedings in a people’s court six months from the receipt of the written decision.

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