Alashan SEE Foundation hosts reception as part of the UN Climate Action Summit

China’s Alashan SEE Foundation hosted a reception as part of the recently concluded UN Climate Action Summit in New York.

The reception was held partly to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the foundation’s founding. The SEE foundation was created in 2004 by real estate mogul Liu Xiaoguang, with the vision of mobilising the financial resources of Chinese entrepreneurs to tackle the country’s environmental problems. Initially the foundation’s main focus was on desertification, but nowadays most of its work focuses on supporting environmental NGOs. It is still made up mostly of entrepreneurs committed to environmental protection.

The reception included talks by Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, and Ms. Cristiana Palmer, UN Assistant Secretary General and Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Qian Xiaohua, the current president of SEE, presentedChina’s Real Estate Industry Green Supply Chain Action. This green-only procurement initiative, launched in 2016 in partnership with over 100 Chinese real estate companies, has reduced pollution and carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.

Click here find the report (in Chinese) of the official WeChat account of the Alashan SEE Foundation.

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