American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine registers representative office in Hainan

The overseas NGO management office of the Hainan public security department recently issued a registration certificate to the Hainan representative office of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M). The head of the Hainan health committee and the chief representative of the Hainan representative office of A4M both attended the ceremony.

The head of the overseas NGO management office first congratulated A4M on successfully registering their representative office, and then put forward three working requirements: First of all, they should strictly follow the OGO Management Law to carry out activities in China, and help the construction of Hainan’s free trade zone. Secondly, A4M should submit an annual activity plan and work report on time every year, and consciously accept supervision and administration. Thirdly, they shall strengthen the communication with their Supervisory Unit and the public security department, actively providing opinions and suggestions.

As the head of the Hainan health committee mentioned, A4M is the first overseas NGO in the health field to set up a representative office in Hainan, playing an important leading role. They wish A4M could actively come into play, helping the Hainan health industry go out and become internationalized.

Guo Yi, the chief representative of A4M’s Hainan office, said that they will carry out activities according to the law to introduce advanced anti-ageing concepts and technologies from the United States to Hainan, while bringing new vitality to Hainan’s development.

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