“Bamboo Grove Project” to fund young scholars in China announced


Source: 公益资本论

China Charity Alliance and the Dunhe Foundation have announced the start of the “Bamboo Grove Project” (竹林计划) . The project will provide 1.5 million yuan to fund young scholars who want to carry out theoretical research in the field of charity.

The project was announced on China’s Youth Day, which falls on the 4th of May. It will be funded by the Dunhe Foundation and executed by China Charity Alliance.

The “Bamboo Grove Project” plans to target current postgraduates, PhD students, young scholars and charity practitioners under 40. As Liu Zhouhong, the general secretary of Dunhe Foundation, said: “I hope the ‘Bamboo Grove Project’ will develop a group of researchers and scholars of charity armed with great sincerity and assiduity.”

Translated by Shuhua Tang

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