Beijing Government Releases New Policies on Community Care for the Elderly


Source: 公益中国

The Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau has released a document on the “Ten Policies on Support and Care for the Elderly at Home”. The document, released on the 18th of May, covers topics including support for the elderly, residency and medical care.

During the media conference Hongbing Li, the spokesman for the Bureau, claimed that the Beijing government would build community service centers to provide daytime care, calling services, food delivery, health guidance, entertainment and counselling for free. By 2020, community service centers will cover all the communities in Beijing. Counting the current elderly care centers in residential districts, 96% of the elderly in Beijing will be taken care of near home.

Li also explained that elderly people who are disabled, living alone or in poverty will enjoy extra care. They will receive monthly stipends, and their home’s sanitary facilities will be reconstructed according to their needs. They will also have priority if they need to move into public nursing homes.

Finally, Li emphasized that the Beijing government will improve the facilities and environments for elderly care in rural areas.

Translated by Xier