Bring Me Hope and another three overseas NGOs receive their registration certificates

Four overseas NGOs picked up their registration certificates in different parts of China over the last few days.


Two American organizations, Bring Me Hope and the Sino-American Friendship Association, had their representative offices registered in Chongqing. Bring Me Hope was founded in California in 2004, and it is dedicated to improving the lives and futures of Chinese orphans and at-risk youth. It carries out year-round programs to meet the needs of orphans in China, and every July it hosts summer camps in the five cities of Yantai, Chongqing, Nanchang, Taiyuan and Zhengzhou in China.


The South Korean organization known as the Somang Medical Aid Agency registered an office in Wuhan, Hubei province. It plays an active role in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of leprosy. The local representative expressed that the local office will abide by regulations while carrying out activities, and make contributions to the medical service in Hubei province.


The PSB of Jiangsu province issued a registration certificate to the local office of the China Cross-Strait Exchange Association (Taiwan, China). The Chief representative expressed gratitude to the bureau for their efficient work and support, and said the association will endeavour to promote grassroots exchanges and cooperation and make contributions to cross-strait economic and social development.