China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation addresses the United Nations Human Rights Council

中国扶贫基金会代表 在联合国第32届人权理事会第6次全体会议上发言

Source: 中国扶贫基金会

The 32nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is currently being held in Geneva, Switzerland. The session started on June the 13th and will end on the first of July. The UNHRC is an inter-governmental body whose 47 member states are responsible for promoting and protecting human rights around the world.

This year’s meeting commemorates the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Human Rights Council. On behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement and Russia, Chinese representative gave a joint statement during the conference.

Wu Peng, the associate director of the international development department of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, delivered a speech on June 14th entitled “a Chinese NGO’s Efforts in Reducing Global Poverty”. Wu explained that since the implementation of the reform and opening up policy in 1978 China has successfully allowed about 700 million poor people to shake off poverty, and that the country already has a national plan to eliminate poverty entirely by the end of 2020, thus keeping ahead of the 2030 SDG.

As an NGO, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation has raised 2.8 billion USD in cash and materials which have been used for the benefit of 25 million poor people since its establishment in 1989. Currently the Foundation is implementing programs in five countries, including Sudan, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Cambodia. Wu claimed that this series of actions is a sign that ordinary Chinese people are paying attention to global poverty and are concerned about the right to development of people around the world.

Translated by Xiaomeng