The China NGO Consortium for the 2015 Nepal Earthquake


Source: 基金会救灾协调会 April 29, 2015

On the night of April 25 right after a 8.1-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, the Disaster Relief Coordinating Alliance of Foundations (基金会救灾协调会) convened an emergency meeting with Beijing Normal University, during which the Chinese NGO Coordinating Center for the 4.25 Nepal Earthquake (尼泊尔4·25地震中国社会组织应急响应协调中心) was established. The Center was renamed the China NGO Consortium for the 2015 Nepal Earthquake (or CNC-Nepal) (信息协同平台) during the second session of the meeting. Aside from the members of the Disaster Relief Coordinating Alliance of Foundations, CNC-Nepal also included other Chinese NGOs and international organizations that had participated in or paid close attention to the earthquake relief.

The second meeting was convened by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation on April 26. Representatives from both Chinese and international organizations shared their working plans on the relief work in Nepal, and reached the following understandings:

1.In consideration of the complicated situation in Nepal, rescue teams without proper training are not encouraged to go to the earthquake-stricken areas;
2.Those planning to go to Nepal should rely on their own equipment and supplies on account of the limited resources the local government can provide;
3.Preparation work and communication with the local government is extremely important for anyone doing relief work in Nepal;
4.Respect the religious beliefs and local customs of Nepal;
5.Double check every piece of information coming out of Nepal before disseminating;
6.Chinese NGOs in Nepal should share their resources and enhance cooperation.


Translated by CDB staff

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