China’s first rainbow anti-gender based violence service center for LGBTI people opened


Source: 同语

China’s first Rainbow Anti-Gender Based Violence Service Center (RAVSC) for LGBTI people was opened in Beijing on June 25. The center will be run by a community-based non-profit organization, Common Language, which was established in January 2005.
The primary focus of Common Language is Chinese communities that suffer from oppression based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. It also endeavors to educate the general public on sexual diversity issues, to eradicate discrimination, and to fight for equal rights through community mobilization, public education, and policy advocacy. In 2008, Common Language was awarded Netherlands’ Mama Cash “She Changes the World” award.
The Rainbow Anti-Gender Based Violence Service Center for LGBTI People is one of Common Language’s main projects, started in 2007. The center hopes to take direct intervention against domestic violence and help LGBTI people resist violence through individual services, phone or online counseling services, targeted trainings, support groups, and community salons. Since the rainbow has always been a symbol for gender minorities, the RAVSC wishes to promote equality, diversity and openness in China with the help of professional social workers.


RAVSC’s Counseling Service Hours:
Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 2pm to 6pm.
Social groups and social workers can contact RAVSC by
phone (400-0119-964) and QQ (3503886353)
Others can also contact us by QQ message (3503886353) and email ( We will respond within 24 hours.



Translated by Xiaomeng

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