Chinese foundations ranked for transparency, Adream and Narada among the top scorers

Jiemian News, a well-known news website that focuses on the business and finance fields, has released its transparency ranking of Chinese philanthropic foundations for the fourth consecutive year.

The ranking is made by taking the 300 Chinese foundations with the highest expenditure on charitable activities over the previous year, and then selecting the 50 most transparent ones. The level of transparency is judged based on factors including the disclosure of basic information and of information on fundraising, project implementation and finances, and the channels and frequency with which the information is disclosed. The goal of the ranking is to promote transparency and serve as a reference for donors.

This year five foundations jointly came in first place with maximum points. The five foundations include the Adream Foundation (上海真爱梦想基金会), the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children (中华少年儿童慈善救助基金会), the China Social Welfare Foundation (中国社会福利基金会) and the Narada Foundation (南都公益基金会). The average points received by all the foundations in the ranking has also risen since the last edition.

It is the third time in four years that Shanghai’s Adream Foundations comes at the top of Jiemian’s transparency ranking. The official press release notes that, among other things, the foundation’s monthly, seasonal and annual reports are all available on its official website.

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