Draft of Anti-Domestic Violence Law now available online for public consultation

《反家庭暴力法》草案网上征求意见 四大亮点不容忽视

Source: 中国慈善公益网 September 23, 2015

The Anti-Domestic Violence Law(draft) (反家庭暴力法草案), which has been in development for several years, passed the preliminary examination by the Sixteenth Session of the Twelfth Standing Committee of the NPC on August 24. At the press conference on September 23, where the White Paper of Gender Equality and Women’s Development in China was released, Song Xiuyan, deputy director of Women and Children Work Committee of the State Council and vice-chairman of the National Women’s Federation, pointed out four aspects about the current draft which is now available for comments online:

Firstly, It provides specific precautionary methods to prevent domestic violence. Secondly, the draft sets up a detailed domestic violence reporting system. Thirdly, it stipulates that anyone who committed the crime should be punished accordingly depending on the seriousness of their cases, a warning might be enough for misdemeanors. Finally, it introduces “restraining order” measures for domestic violence victims.

Translated by He Lei

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