Eleven overseas NGOs register in Beijing


Source: 境外非政府组织在中国

The Overseas NGOs Management Office of the Beijing Public Security Bureau issued registration and chief representative certificates to eleven overseas NGOs on August 16. The NGOs include among others the UBS Optimus Foundation (Switzerland), the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (Hong Kong), OVCI-Our Family (Italy), the Recording Industry Association of Japan, the Conference Board (USA) and the Conference of Asia Pacific Express Carriers (Singapore).


Yan Dongsheng, the director of the Overseas NGOs Management Office of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, conferred the registration and chief representative certificates to the eleven Overseas NGOs, and congratulated them on the successful registration of their Beijing representative offices. He assured that the public security organs will continue to provide help to ONGOs’ activities, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in China. Meanwhile, he also expressed his hope that ONGOs will carry out their activities in strict accordance with the Overseas NGO Management Law, and actively promote the development of China’s economic, social and public welfare undertakings.

The eleven NGOs expressed their gratitude to the Administration Office of Overseas NGOs of the Beijing Public Security Bureau for the warm and efficient services and the professional supervisory units for their support. They assured that they will maintain close contact and communication with the registration authorities and professional supervisory units, carry out their activities strictly in accordance with the law, and make their contributions to China’s public welfare.

Translated by Shen Duojia (CDB)