First AIDS employment discrimination case in Jiangsu: defendent receives 40,000 yuan compensation


Source: Legal Daily, 法制日报

On October 9th, the author learned through public interest NGO Justice for all (Tianxiagong) that the case involving an HIV carrier, Chen Xin (pseudonym), being denied employment by a government body had came to an end. The employer agreed to issue verbal apologies and a 40,000 RMB compensation. This result comes after a ten-months long trial.

Interviewed by the Legal Daily, Chen Xin stated that “I have obtained the same kind of result the defendent in Jiangxi obtained last year 1 , I hope that other victims will stand up and bravely use legal channels to defend their rights and interests”.

Justice for All is currently supporting another defendent in Guizhou and has been involved in all the five AIDS employment discrimination cases that have been initiated in China since 2010. As a result, Guangdong province was the first to remove a clause barring HIV carriers from teaching.

  1. The interviewee is referring to the 2013 landmark HIV employment discrimination case where the defendent was granted financial compensation for the first time 

Translated by CDB Staff

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