First Chinese Award for Outstanding Social Enterprise Reports Kicks Off in Beijing

全国首个社企传播奖启动 单篇报道最高奖2万元

Source: 新浪公益

The first award for news reports on Chinese social enterprises officially kicked off in Beijing on the 10th of May. The award aims to select outstanding reports on social enterprises, and reward them with sums going from two thousand to twenty thousand yuan. All work focusing on Chinese social enterprises, regardless of its form, can be submitted. An official name for the prize is still under selection. The award was initiated by the China Social Enterprise and Investment Forum (中国社会企业与社会投资论坛(联盟)), the first Chinese non-profit organization dedicated to social enterprises and social investment.

A social enterprise is an organization which uses commercial strategies to solve social problems. Such organizations were not common in China until recently, thus they are still little understood. By setting up this award, the organizers wish to attract more attention to the development of Chinese social enterprises. The judges will be scholars and experts from the fields of Chinese social enterprise, public welfare and mass media. They will ensure that the selection is authoritative, professional and impartial. The award is still open for applicants. More information can be found on the Wechat account “CSESIF”.

Translated by Xier Li

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