Four overseas NGOs register new offices in China since February

Statistics from China’s Ministry of Public Security show that the registration of new representative office for overseas NGOs in Mainland China, as mandated by China’s Overseas NGO Law, has not ceased since the breakout of the new coronavirus caused much of ordinary life to come to a halt towards the end of January.

Since the beginning of February there have been four new registrations of representative offices, all of them belonging to organizations focused on trade or entrepreneurship. In February the American International Chamber of Commerce (US) registered a representative office in Shandong, the Wine Institute (US) registered in Shanghai, and the International Young Makers Alliance (Hong Kong) registered in Guangdong, and in early March the Royal Aeronautic Society (UK) registered in Shanghai.

These registrations had most likely already been finalized before the Spring Festival, when the outbreak began. To see CDB’s full updated list of overseas NGOs registered in Mainland China since 2017, when the new law came into force, click here.

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