Gay director wins lawsuit against China’s top media authority


Source: 作者惠寄

Following an order from China’s top media authority, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China (SARFT), a documentary about the mothers of gays and lesbians called Mama Rainbow was removed from the nation’s major video-sharing websites on February 12. The video had earned a hundred thousand views since its release in 2012. In the beginning of March Fan Popo, the gay director of the documentary, asked SARFT the reasons for the removal but got the response that there had been no such order. The director therefore sued SARFT in court on September 8. On December 22, the court passed sentence against SARFT and required it to pay the court filing fee (50 RMB). This is the first case in China of a successful prosecution against SARFT. Nevertheless, it is unclear whether it will become possible to see Mama Rainbow online again or not.

See this website for more information.

Translated by Hou Changshan

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