Going Global – ENAP meeting in Norway

Going Global - ENAP meeting in Norway

Source: 爱德基金会

The European Network of Amity Partners (ENAP) meeting took place on March 14 and 15 in Norway. The topic was ‘Going Global’. During the meeting, ENAP members held discussions for a better understanding of global development and of Amity’s future plans. The partners congratulated Amity for its development over the last 30 years.

ENAP members were given explanations on the pressing needs of mainland China in a time of social transition. They announced a further commitment to work with Amity and find innovative ways to address these problems by engaging more social forces and resources.

The European partners were pleased to hear about Amity setting up liaison offices in Geneva and Ethiopia. Many offered their help to assist Amity in its process of internationalization and suggested further discussions. Amity expressed its great appreciation for the strong support received from its European partners over the years, which has contributed towards its sustainable development.

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