Heilongjiang and Tibet issue registration credentials to two overseas NGOs


Source: 境外非政府组织在中国

The first overseas NGOs have been awarded their registration credentials in Heilongjiang and Tibet. The two NGOs that registered are the Yamagata International Economic Development Support Organization (Japan) in Heilongjiang and the Nima Association (Germany) in Tibet. The ceremonies to mark the registration were held on the 13th of June.


In Heilongjiang the head of the local PSB congratulated the Yamagata International Economic Development Support Organization as the first registered overseas NGO in China’s northernmost province, and expressed their wish that it can continue to act as a bridge between Heilongjiang and Yamagata. The chief representative of the NGO expressed its appreciation for the warm services of the PSB, and stated that it would continue its program in Longjiang with dedication.


Meanwhile in Tibet it was Ke Lei, the deputy head of the local PSB, that awarded the Nima Association its registration credentials and congratulated it on its successful registration. The German association works on social projects for the elderly, the sick and children. During the ceremony a member of the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC in Tibet, Yang Zong, assured that he would follow the Overseas NGO Law, cooperate with the PSB and the Red Cross and guide and supervise the Nima Association. A representative of the association offered a silk banner to the Tibet’s PSB as a gift and expressed its honour in becoming the first registered overseas NGO in Tibet and its determination to contribute to the development of charity in Tibet.

Translated by Chen Yingru