Hong Kong children’s hospice and another five overseas NGOs receive their registration certificates

Six overseas NGOs picked up their registration certificates in different parts of China over the last few days.

One American organization, the America Trade Development Council, and one Madagascan organization, the Asia-Europe-Africa Trade and Investment Alliance Promotion Council, had their representative offices registered in Tianjin. The Chief representatives of these two organizations expressed gratitude to the bureau for their efficient work and support.


Another American organization, the USA China Entrepreneurs Association, registered an office in Jilin province. It was founded in 2005, and already has two representative offices registered in Beijing and Inner Mongolia. The local representative said the association will make contributions to the economy, trade, and cultural and educational exchanges between United States and China.


A third American organization known as the Education and Science Society, and the Butterfly Children’s Hospices from Hong Kong registered their offices in Hunan province. The local representatives of both organizations expressed that the local offices will abide by regulations while carrying out activities, and make contributions to the philanthropic development of Hunan province.


The PSB of Fujian province issued a registration certificate to the local office of the Chinese Cross-Straits Trade Association (Taiwan, China). The Chief representative said the association will endeavour to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation and make contributions to cross-strait economic and social development.

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