Hong Kong’s China Star Light Charity Fund Association registers in Zhejiang


The China Star Light Charity Fund Association from Hong Kong has become the latest overseas NGO to register in Mainland China, opening its representative office in Zhejiang province. The chief representatives of the association expressed gratitude to the PSB for its efficient work and support, and said that they will abide by regulations while carrying out activities. They also assured that they will make a contribution to the development of philanthropy in Zhejiang province and strengthen the links between Hong Kong and the Mainland of China.

The China Star Light Charity Fund Association has many projects centred on China, covering a wide range of philanthropic areas. One of the key projects is the education-focused 扶贫兴学 (Alleviating Poverty and Building Schools). Through this project, 135 schools have been constructed in poverty-stricken areas of China and 641 university students have received donations so they can continue their studies. In addition, the association has a team of volunteers to help the children in mountainous areas, and it has raised money to help infants with congenital heart diseases. It has also established a Chinese culture study centre to promote the inheritance, spreading and innovation of Chinese culture.

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