Legal Weekly – 2012 Top Ten Public Interest Lawsuits

2012 Top Ten Public Interest Lawsuits

Legal Weekly (法治周末), January 30, 2013

1. “ violates an agreement by canceling consumers’ orders” case
2. Disabled persons promote “disabled persons rights and benefits” with a series of lawsuits.
3. The first case in which an individual citizen raises an environmental public interest lawsuit.
4. “Passengers sue China Southern Airlines for flight delays” case
5. “Citizens with Hepatitis B lose civil service enrollment qualifications” case
6. The first case in which a woman who utilized the petition system and was labeled “mentally ill” won a rights-infringement suit.
7. Case in which a citizen raised a suit requesting transparency concerning the interest on transportation card deposit money.
8. “Student applies for transparency of ‘smiling bureau chief’ salary” case
9. Female college student raises sexual discrimination in employment lawsuit.
10. Plaintiff wins “3 kuai public interest lawsuit” concerning a restaurant which did not notify customers about a charge on their disposable chopsticks.

Summary by Amanda Brown-Inz. See for full text. (Chinese)

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