Ministry of Civil Affairs official, Li Yong, proposes “direct registration” and “establishing party groups” for all NGOs

民管局副局长李勇呼吁: 社会组织“直接登记”“统统建立党组织”

Source: China Youth Daily, 中国青年报

Article about a meeting at Tsinghua University attended by two officials heading the NGO management office in the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The article notes the long-standing problems of the dual-management system for NGOs, and the efforts made over the last few years to reform the system by allowing NGOs to directly register without a supervising unit. The officials are not optimistic about new national regulations for registration and management of NGOs that have been expected for some time, and proposed another tack by calling both for direct registration of NGOs and establishing party groups within NGOs. Their unstated hope, it seems, is that the latter measure, which has been attempted before without much success, would help to comfort conservative interests that fear losing control over NGOs.

Translated by CDB Staff

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