Nankai University Education Foundation thanks the Tianjin PSB for its help with overseas NGO cooperation

The Ministry of Public Security’s official WeChat account has reported that the Nankai University Education Foundation recently visited the overseas NGOs administration office of the Tianjin Public Security Bureau, and presented them with a banner to thank them for their services and express their respect for the bureau’s work style of “being practical, doing good things, and solving difficulties”.

The Nankai University Education Foundation has long been cooperating with more than 10 overseas NGOs to donate money for education. These organizations provide scholarships of millions of Yuan for students in poverty every year, making a great contribution to the development of education and public welfare in Nankai University.

However, it was reported that due to “work coordination difficulties”, the foundation was unable to apply for the “temporary activity” permits for the overseas NGOs in time, making it impossible to sign the cooperation agreements and grant most of the scholarships to the students. Nankai University then asked the overseas NGOs administration office for emergency help. After the office learned of the situation, its officers reacted and actively guided Nankai University to go through the formalities of applying for the permits, and helped to verify the relevant information at the same time. In the end the Nankai University Education Foundation was able to get the temporary activities permits in time.

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