Narada Foundation’s sponsorship list for the Bright Way Program 2015 revealed


Source: 南都公益基金会

On November the 6th, the Narada Foundation held an experts’ review meeting for its Bright Way Program(景行计划) in Beijing. The evaluation group was formed by Xu Yongguang, director-general of the Narada Foundation, Lu Chao, director of the NPI (上海浦东非营利组织发展中心), Tao Chuanjin, professor at the School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University, and Peng Yanni, executive vice secretary-general of the Narada Foundation.

Seven organizations applied for the program, and during the meeting they gave presentations and answered questions from the experts gathered. Organizations were reviewed by the following standards: whether they provide leading, mature products and services; whether the leaders and core team members are broad-minded; whether the organization is at an important development juncture, and whether transformation and operational management are currently top priorities. After muc discussion and debate, four organizations were finally chosen:

the Chongqing Liangjiang Voluntary Service Center (重庆两江志愿者服务发展中心)

the Green Hunan Association(长沙绿色潇湘环保科普中心)

the Be Better Education Center in Shanghai(上海百特教育咨询中心)

the Greenriver Environmental Protection Association of Sichuan Province(四川省绿色江河环境保护促进会).

Translated by Pan Mingzhu

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