Yu-e: the “one stop” online philanthropy platform


Source: 信息时报,August 9 2015

At their three year anniversary celebration on August 6th,  the Guangdong Yu Foundation (与人公益基金会) launched an internet platform (you-e.org) that aims to encourage younger generations to participate in philanthropy. The Yu Foundation, founded in 2012, focuses on China’s younger generations by supporting philanthropic projects run by teams aged 28 years or younger.

According to a report by the Information Times (信息时报), Yu’s newly launched internet platform includes four main sections: “I want to help”(我要出力), “I want to be incubated”(我要孵化), “Philanthropy Mall”(公益商城), and “Project Application”(项目申报). Using the platform, people are able to search for all types of philanthropy related projects and events. If people choose to participate, they can achieve cash-value points or participation points. There are 3 different ways to utilize these points: 1. participants can exchange gifts using points; 2. they can sign up for capacity-building activities; and 3. they can support other organizations’ fundraising projects. After people have gained experience and built a team through participation, they are able to declare their own project and ask the foundation for funding.

The platform is still in beta phase testing but Yu will launch the official version (including a smart-phone app) at the China Charity Fair this September.

Translated by Shiming Xiong

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