Online anti-human trafficking platform presented in Beijing

“团圆”打拐系统参展“砥砺奋进的五年”大型成就展 by 张明敏

Source: 公益时报

An online platform to fight human trafficking called “Reunion” (团圆) was presented in an exhibition entitled “5 years of advancing bravely”, held in Beijing on October 15th.

Meng Qingtian, an official from the Ministry of Public Security who deals with human trafficking, explained to the public how the “Reunion” system works and how to spread information on missing children through the platform; she also called more people to get involved in charitable enterprises like this one.

The “Reunion” anti-trafficking system is an online platform that was jointly launched by the Ministry of Public Security and the well-known Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba (阿里巴巴); through the platform, the police can rapidly spread information on missing children to the public through apps such as Gaode (高德), Shoutao (手淘) and Alipay (支付宝). When the system runs, it can spread the missing children’s information as far as 500 kilometers from the place where the child went missing.

Meng Qingtian said that the system was started in 2016; by September 1st this year, it had released 1,918 pieces of tracing information through the platform and helped to find 1,847 children across the country. Meng said she believes that this is the way technology can play an important and effective role in anti-trafficking activities, because the platform can provide more comprehensive clues and make the collection process easier than it used to be.

“With the updating of the ‘Reunion’ system in the future”, the official concluded, “the system will be able to play a more and more significant role in anti-trafficking activities; it will also provide relevant experience when we combat other types of crime through technology.”

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