Overseas NGOs register in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Henan and Zhejiang


Source: 境外非政府组织在中国

A number of overseas NGOs have recently completed their registrations throughout China.

Eight overseas NGOs were recently awarded registration credentials and chief representative certificates in Beijing, including the Fédération Française de Football office (FR), Junior Achievement (U.S), the Wildlife Conservation Society (U.S), the U.S Meat Export Federation (U.S), the Sun Culture Foundation (HK), the World Steel Association (BE), the Korea Chamber of Commerce & industry (KR) and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce And Industry (IN). Junior Achievement’s Beijing office presented a thank-you banner to the municipal PSB for their warm and efficient services.

In Inner Mongolia, the overseas NGO management office of the local PSB issued registration credentials and chief representative certificates to the Japan Association for Greening Deserts. A ceremony was held, at which chief representative Mr. Mase Kouiyu expressed his gratitude to the local PSB and Department of Forestry, and gave a briefing on the history of his organisation, which was founded by the late professor Toyama Seiei of Tottori University, a renowned agronomy expert. Professor Toyama Seiei was the receiver of the Caring Citizen of the Humanities Award from the United Nations, the Honorary Citizen of Inner Mongolia Award and the Chinese government’s Friendship Award, and he committed himself to desertification prevention and control in the Kubuqi Desert in Ordos, where his organisation has planted over four million trees.

Meanwhile, the first overseas NGO has officially registered in Henan province. The head of the PSB’s overseas NGO office Tu Haihe officially issued the Europe-China Culture & Economy Commission its registration credentials and chief representative certificate. The commission’s acting chairman Mr. Xie Jianzhong and the chief representative Ms. Guo Hanbing presented a banner to thank for their warm and efficient service.

In Hangzhou, the China-Britain Business Council was awarded its registration credentials and chief representative certificate in the overseas NGO management office of Zhejiang’s provincial PSB. The chief representative Pan Hualin thanked the warm services of the office and stated that the council will strengthen communication with the registry office and the supervisory agency and carry out activities strictly in accordance with the law, to promote business and trade exchange between the UK and Zhejiang province.

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