– Impressions of the second charity exhibition

Government and business valued over grassroots: Impressions of the second charity exhibition 官商为贵、民为轻——第二届慈展会印象, September 27, 2013 With the wind and rain of Typoon Usagi swirling outside, the third and final day of the 2nd ...

Weekly News – October 5th to October 11th, 2013

Beijing to introduce new regulations that prevent charitable associations from collecting donations

On the 27th September, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs announced that the city’s first local charity regulations – ‘The Beijing Charitable Enterprise Promotion Measures’ – would come into effect by the end of ...

Southern Metropolis Daily – Registered NGOs in Guangzhou can apply for grants of up to 100,000 RMB

Registered NGOs in Guangzhou can apply for grants of up to 100,000 RMB NGO最多可申请10万元 Southern Metropolis Daily (南方都市报), September 5, 2013 Guangzhou NGOs can now apply for grants of up to 100,000 RMB from a ...

Weekly Civil Society News, September 28 – October 4

Weekly Civil Society News, September 21 – September 27

Weekly Civil Society News, September 7 – September 13

Weekly Civil Society News September 1 – September 6

Phoenix – Xu Yongguang: Foundations must collaborate with grassroots NGOs

People's Daily – Investigation into Henan foundation yields no results after two months

Philanthropy Times – Rural-based NGOs explore three models of development

Yunnan Info Times – Government service procurement is NGOs greatest concern

Closing Meeting of the Project on Capacity Building Training for Chinese Labor NGOs’ United Rights Protection Campaign

August 1, 2013 China Development Brief Worker Representatives of the Participants   Mr. Wei Wei is making a summary statement.   In the afternoon of July 29, 2013, Little Bird Mutual-Aid Hotline for Migrant Workers ...

Economic Information Daily – The "black box" of social service procurement

Southern Daily – Social organizations unable to accept Foshan’s RMB 2.4 million for service procurement

With the municipal government of Foshan, Guangdong ready to disperse RMB 2.4 million to social organizations in service procurement, the government is finding that social organizations are unable to accept this significant amount of funding. ...

Southern Metropolis Daily – The Difficulties of NGOs

Recently, an influential think tank and NGO called Beijing Transition Research Institute (北京传知行社会经济研究所) was shut down by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, bringing issues related to NGO registration and management back into the spotlight. From ...

Beijing Times – Yunnan govt will withdraw from charity fundraising; civil servants may not work at NGOs

Weekly Civil Society News, July 6 – July 12