Liberating the Capabilities of Social Organizations (Ten Years of Growth)

This article by the Communist Party’s mouthpiece reviews the progress made by social organizations over the last decade. It cites President Hu Jintao’s 17th Party Congress speech in 2007 calling for a new social management ...

Weekly Civil Society News, November 24 – November 30

Weekly Civil Society News, November 10 – November 16

More efforts urged to protect migrants By He Dan and Chen Xin, China Daily, November 12, 2012 A government crackdown in recent years has helped reduce cases of employers defaulting on wages, something that ...

Weekly Civil Society News, November 3 – November 9

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China Drafts Regulations for the Long-term Maintenance of Volunteer Service Records

200 New Social Affairs Positions Will be Created in Beijing

Impressive! Shenzhen Drafts Regulations Promoting Charitable Affairs

Weekly Civil Society News,October 8 - October 12

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Taking the Legal Road for Protecting Public Interest Assets

Over the summer, the Magezhuang Campus of the Chaoyang District New Citizens School (新公民学校), a school dedicated to the education of the children of migrant workers, was ordered to temporarily cease its operations. The school ...

Foshan Transfers Government Functions, But Where are the Public Service NGOs?

Foshan City’s Civil Affairs bureau reports that 57 city-level social organizations have met the qualifications for government contracting of services.  But none of the 57 are public service organizations.  Instead they are trade associations such ...

Labor NGO Growing Pains: the Government Should Regulate and Guide Labor Groups , September 3, 2012

More news comes out about the repression of labor NGOs in Shenzhen which started this February and has already affected more than 10 groups. The usual approach is for the landlord to use various excuses ...

The government procures a 16.5 million yuan worth social work project

Reports on the start of Guangdong province’s largest youth social work project involving a “youth zone” for casework projects carried out by youth social workers. The project is being funded by the Haizhu district government ...

The basic goal of China’s public institution reform: promoting the development of the public service sector

This article reports on the completion of the first stage of China’s reform of its public institutions (sometimes referred to as public service units). The first stage involved eliminating certain categories of public institutions such ...