Prof. Yang Dongping receives the Prix Charles & Monique MORAZE

杨东平获法国人文奖项 警惕城镇化虚火烧城乡教育

Source: 搜狐教育 Oct. 25, 2015

Prof. Yang Dongping, director of the 21st Century Education Research Institute and member of the State Education Consulting Committee, received the Prix Charles & Monique MORAZE award from the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (literally, House of the Sciences of Man Foundation) on October 22. The Foundation gave the award to Yang for his outstanding contributions to China’s educational reform in the last decade.

The Prix Charles & Monique MORAZE, founded in 2013, is a newly emerged French social sciences award. The award is named after the famous French historian Charles MORAZE and the indologist Monique MORAZE (Charles’ s wife), and it aims to encourage and award researchers around the world for their great achievements in promoting educational and social progress.

Yang gave an inspiring speech on China’s higher education at the receiving ceremony. You can find the full text of the Chinese speech here.

Translated by CDB staff

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