PSB holds meetings with overseas NGOs in Beijing and Shanghai


Source: 境外非政府组织在中国

The Beijing PSB organized a meeting for the chief representatives of the representative offices of overseas NGOs on November 3. The PSB officials reported on the management and services they had provided since the implementation of the Overseas NGO Law. They claimed that as more overseas NGOs register and carry out activities in China, the PSB will actively cooperate with other departments to introduce more convenient measures and protect the NGOs’ legal interests.

The officials also gave a few figures, explaining that up to now there have been 242 registered overseas NGOs in China and 344 completed filings of temporary activities. The main fields of work include the economy, education, technology, health, environmental protection, and disaster/poverty alleviation. Among all the overseas NGOs, NGOs from the US have been the most active: a total of 110 US NGOs have set up 61 representative offices and filed 64 temporary activities. In addition, there are 65 American NGOs currently going through the registration procedures.

On November 6, the Shanghai PSB also held a meeting for the representative offices of overseas NGOs in Shanghai. The official stated that since the implementation of the Overseas NGO Law, the Shanghai PSB has cooperated with the departments of banking, taxation, human resources and social security to assist with solving representative offices’ problems and difficulties. The office will keep working on the overseas NGOs’ registration and services, and welcomes more ONGOs to come to Shanghai.