Public Security Bureau launches Wechat page for overseas NGOs



A screenshot of the Public Security Bureau’s overseas NGOs Wechat account.

The Public Security Bureau’s Office for the Management of Overseas NGOs has recently launched a public Wechat account designed to improve cooperation and communication between foreign NGOs and the Chinese government by providing news, information and other services to overseas NGOs. This should come as welcome news to foreign NGOs, many of which are still struggling to adapt to the implementation of the Overseas NGO Law.

The Wechat account will provide news on the implementation of laws and policies that relate to overseas NGOs in China. In addition, it will post information regarding the registration of overseas NGOs as well as information on overseas NGOs’ activities and projects. Furthermore, the account features both English and Chinese versions of the overseas NGOs’ activities guidebook, a listing of supervisory units and their contact information, and the Public Security Bureau’s Office for the Management of Overseas NGOs’ contact information.

Wechat users can subscribe to the public account by searching 境外非政府组织在中国 on Wechat’s searchbar.