Report expresses concern over Chinese NGO workers’ mental health


Source: 新华网

While devoting themselves to the welfare of others, people who work in public welfare appear to suffer from great pressures and anxiety themselves. More than 30% of those working in the NGO sector have been experiencing moderate to severe anxiety and depression,  according to a report on the mental health of those working in public welfare.  The report was launched by “YiBaoYiXin”(益宝益心)- a Program for the Mental Health of Chinese NGO Workers”, a program initiated by the Beijing Shangshan Public Foundation and “YiBao Plan” (益宝计划) and financed by the Dunhe Foundation, which places its focus on the mental health of those who work in the charity sector. The report also points out that more than 25% of those surveyed feel that they lack confidence, 11% have sleeping problems, and 5.7 % of them suffer from some extent of paranoia. Moreover, over 58.72% of them have sought professional help for mental health issues.

The “YiBaoYiXin” program is a further development of “YiBao Plan”, a program which seeks to promote the welfare of those who work in the charity sector. “YiBaoYiXin” has prepared a series of salons offering lectures about mental health issues and promoting dialogue among its target group; it has also set up a foundation to finance professional psychological therapy for people suffering from grave mental health problems.

Translated by Cao Yuqian

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