Seminar held as the kick-off meeting of the 4th China Charity Fair


Source: 中国慈善联合会 Sep.16, 2015

On September 18th, the China Charity Fair (CCF) held a seminar with the theme of “philanthropic business development and global poverty alleviation”(善商发展与全球减贫) in Shenzhen, which marked the opening of the 3-day CCF(from Sept. 18 to 20). It was co-hosted by CCF’s Organizing Committee, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (中华全国工商业联合会), and China Charity Alliance(中国慈善联合会). Representatives from charity institutions, international organizations and businesses attended the meeting and made keynote speeches.

This year’s CCF aims to set up a cross-field cooperation platform among governments, businesses and charities. Centering on themes such as corporate social responsibility, social innovation and international cooperation, the seminar explored new ways to bring business services into poverty alleviation. It also provided a platform for sharing information, and a new cooperative model that was considered to be beneficial for all parties.

Translated by Pan Mingzhu

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